飯富 崇生
Tak Itomi


Thank you for your support to the Japanese Language Scholarship Foundation.


On May 26, the “All-USA High-school Japanese Language Speech Contest" was held. Since April, our foundation has transitioned to a new organizational structure, and as this was the first program under this new structure, your continued support has been a significant source of encouragement. We sincerely appreciate it.


The ten high school students who won their respective regional contests across the country and were recommended by the organizing bodies were able to fully demonstrate what they had learned. After being judged by six judges, including the head judge, Nana Suzumura (Assistant Professor at California State University, Long Beach), Max Sobel from Saint Ann’s School in New York won first place, and Lena Davis from Dimond High School in Alaska was the runner-up.


Additionally, many attendees shared their admiration for the high level of Japanese language skills and the diverse speech content presented by the contestants, which has become an encouragement for the future activities of our foundation. The successful hosting of this contest is due to the daily dedication of teachers involved in Japanese language education in the United States, as well as the support from all of you, the judges, regional contest organizing bodies, and the executive committee members.


Speaking a language is not just a communication tool; it also connects to understanding the culture and people of that country. The increase in young people in the United States who are interested in and continue to learn Japanese leads to a greater understanding of Japanese culture. We hope that this speech contest will help enhance the learning motivation of American high school students.


This speech contest will continue in the future. We ask for your continued support and hope that you will join us at the venue next year! We promise that each of you will be inspired by the Japanese speeches of American high school students.



Tak Itomi
Acting President

Japanese Language Scholarship Foundation
(DBA: Aurora Foundation)