2023 Japanese Language Scholarship

JLSF was established in 1998 (and its guidelines revised in 2013) to encourage teachers of the Japanese language and students in Japanese language studies in their educational and/or professional development as well as to promote cultural exchanges.


These awards will enable up to two awardees to carry out a project of their choice in Japan.
Each awardee will receive a $5,000 scholarship, which can be used to carry out the project, including a roundtrip air ticket between the USA and Japan.


The project can be anything that would enhance the quality of the awardee's educational goal.
Applicants are encouraged to propose any projects they would like to carry out but are currently unable to because of the lack of funding.
Some of the examples of projects awardees may choose include, but are not limited to:

  • Studying Japanese at an existing program, such as the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute and the Hokkaido International Foundation
  • Traveling around the country to gather authentic materials for teaching purposes, Including taking photographs and making films;
  • Visiting a school(s) in Japan to learn more about their education system;
  • Volunteering at Japanese non-profit organizations to learn differences and similarities in how different cultures operate in a working environment; or,
  • Experiencing Japanese New Year's with a host family and write up the experience on a web page.

After their Japan trip, scholarship awardees will be required to submit reports to the JLSF about their experiences in Japan.



  • In-Service Japanese language teacher in any school level in the States;
  • Graduate student studying Japanese language education who is committed to working in Japanese language
    and / or Japanese language/culture-related studies in the States;
  • Pre-service Japanese language teacher currently studying to obtain a teaching credential for teaching Japanese in the States;

  • Open to U.S.A. citizens and citizens of other countries teaching Japanese in the States

  • Must be available for an oral interview in person or by phone
  • Must write and submit a report on the project accomplished in Japan
  • Must be able to attend the award ceremony to be held in Los Angeles on Saturday, Jannuary 20, 2024.
    (Limited travel expenses and accommodations may be covered by JLSF as needed)



  • Completed application form (Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer)

  • Current resume/biography

  • Photograph of applicant (optional)

  • A typed letter no longer than 3 pages on 8-1/2" x 11" (double-spaced, font size10pt or 12pt)
    that describes the potential scholarship recipient and proposed project

The letter should include the applicant's background, goals, current activities, commitment to Japanese language education and Japan studies related to language, a detailed description of their proposed activity in Japan, and a proposed budget (including airfare between the U.S. and Japan).
Applicants should be able to justify their field in Japan Studies related to language.
For instance, applicants can be students in Japanese literature focusing on language studies, sociology studying language education, or history studying Japanese for their research.



  • All applications must be E-mailed on or before Monday, October 16, 2023.

  • Send all required materials as attachments to scholarship@jlsf-aurora.org

  • Subject line: JLSF Scholarship Application Submission
    PDF, JPG, DOC files preferred



Applications will be judged by the JLSF selection committee and the JLSF Board of Directors, according to the following criteria:

  • long-term commitment to Japanese language education and/or Japan studies related to language education in the States
  • teaching experience and training background, i.e. methodology courses, workshops, seminars, and conference participation
  • usefulness and appropriateness of the project
  • design and feasibility of the project within the budget
  • concrete and realistic applicability of the project results to future educational and professional activity

Up to two winners will be selected, depending on application volume and quality.

Selection will be announced by Wednesday, November 15, 2023.
Entries, including photographs, will not be critiqued or returned. From the time of submission, all entries become properties of the JLSF.


Check here for Application Form